Who We Are


Right & Able practice intellectual property and recognized as one of the most-active law firms in china in all aspects of intellectual property litigation. We assist the clients not only to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights both in china and throughout the world, but also to create unexpectable and invaluable effect on various subject matters. We dedicated to offer the intellectual property expertise and counsel service in all aspects of trademark, patent, copyright, trade secret, domain name, trade name, trade dress, product packing and unfair competition.


Our intellectual property litigators have been involved in a large number of landmark cases that have defined the scope of intellectual property rights. These cases resulted in decisions of the Supreme People’s Court of China or other intellectual property courts in china. For handled over 100 IP litigation cases each year and successfully represented typical IP litigation cases for the clients, our attorneys were nominated as many expert committee memberships on intellectual property research and played significant role in them. Right & Able also published many articles or book and gave lectures on IP field in the past decade.


With the IP law business developed, Right & Able nowadays can provide accurate and experienced legal service on corporation law, contract law, tort law and trade disputes resolution. Our clients can benefit from diverse group of counsel in Right & Able.


Our values on law job are fully concentrate on all of the details, provide the highest quality legal service for the clients. Our goal is to do more to create unexpectable result. We believe, through our experienced, efficient, comprehensive and strategic work, nothing impossible to achieve!




What We Do 


Trademark or patent owners often encountered various infringements such as malicious registering or unfair competition on trade name or trade dress in mainland China. According to different infringement behaviors, different rights protection strategies are adopted to form effective rights protection plans. While implementing the rights protection plans, pay attention to the ways and methods of IP rights protection, and timely adjust and control the progress of the case, in order to achieve the best effect.


The IP rights protection program is to comprehensively analyze and judge the various manifestations of infringement, such as investigation and analysis, research programs, case retrieval analysis before the initial action, and clearly determine feasible and high successful rate protection programs. When facing complex infringements, high-quality IP rights protection strategies can always respond to various infringements and quickly hit the essentials of the cases, while making accurate analysis and decisions and implementing them quickly and effectively.


For the best effective IP dispute resolution strategy, we were highlighted to provide the following categories in IP and dispute resolutions.





Trademark clearance and application strategy, publication monitoring, trademark opposition, prosecuting and response of opposition, cancellation and invalidation, trademark transfer and license, famous trademark protection, etc.




Patent searching and analysis, filling application strategy, reexamination, invalidation and administrative litigation, patent infringement litigation.




Copyright registration, license and transfer, copyright protection in administrative or criminal procedure, copyright infringement litigation.


IP Litigation


Administrative litigation on cancellation or invalidation of trademark rights, civil procedure on trademark infringement litigation. Administrative litigation on invalidation of patent rights, civil procedure on patent infringement litigation.

Copyright infringement litigation.

Criminal procedure on trademark, copyright, patent or trade secret.


IP Protection


IP due diligence investigation, commercial and industrial complaint on IP right protection. IPR protection on trade fairs and all aspects of intellectual property, domain name registration, protection and resolution.


Anti-unfair Competition


Legal protection of trade secret, trade name, unregistered trademark. Providing solutions for unfair competition activity in false advertising and misleading propaganda. Legal protection of product packaging decoration, trade tress. Legal protection of trade name, brand copycat in unfair competition.


Trade Dispute resolution


        Representing clients in commercial or administrative litigation and arbitration proceedings on business law, contract law or tort law. Supervise the implementation of the dispute enforcement.

        Applying for the enforcement of the decisions of litigation or arbitration.

        Participating in negotiations on commercial disputes, include drafting proposals for settlement plans and agreements.

        Investigating and collecting evidence, drafting lawyer’s letters, providing lawyer’s announcements and providing legal consultant service.

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