On January 5, 2019, our firm, Right & Able lawyer Chang Weili was invited to participate in the 2018 China Top Ten Media Law Cases Conference and Academic Conference hosted by the School of Political Science and Law of the Communication University of China and the Beijing Lawyers Association Media and Press and Publications Legal Committee. The meeting announced the supervision of the social media content by the regulatory authorities, the Jiangsu Consumer Protection Committee v. Baidu Company illegal access to personal information, media agency reform, Sina.com v. Phoenix. Infringement of copyright and unfair competition disputes, "Heroes The Martyrs Protection Law passed and applied, the film and television field governance tax and film remuneration issues, Hongmao medicinal liquor company v. Cheng Yuan infringement of reputation rights case, melon sub-car advertising penalty dispute, Shandong Radio and Television v. Shandong Unicom and other pirated programs unfair competition case, shaking The ten major media law cases, such as the complaints of fire video short video infringement information network communication rights, were analyzed and reviewed by experts, scholars and judges from various fields such as Communication University of China, the court, and CCTV.

Right & Able Law Firm as the sole sponsor of China to participate in the 32nd MARQUES Annual Meeting
Right & Able lawyer participated in the first committee of the Business Guidance and Training Committee of the Xicheng District LBar Association in Beijing



Right & Able lawyer participated in the 2018 China Top Ten Media Law Cases Symposium

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