On July 30, 2018, the 2018 Intellectual Property Service Summit Seminar on “Promoting High-Quality Economic Development and Accelerating the Realization of Intellectual Property Value” was held at the Beijing Center of Patent Examination and Cooperation of the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office. Lawyer Han Xingqian of Right & Able Law Firm was invited to participate in this seminar, and with the guests on the status of local intellectual property protection and service development, high-value patents to promote high-quality development, intellectual property protection of enterprises in the new era, intellectual property rights The opportunities and challenges of services, the operation of intellectual property equity funds, etc. were shared and exchanged.

Right & Able participated in the “New Age Software Industry Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection High-end Seminar”
Right & Able participated in the 2018 National trademark Business Seminar



Right & Able attended the IP Service Summit

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