The trademark services of Right & Able Law Firm are comprised of communicating client’s requirement by professional legal cousels, establishing working groups by lawyers and legal counsels, discussing cases and providing targeted solutions with clients, which aims to providing specialized services for our clients efficiently. 

Right & Able trademark services mainly include:

• Trademark Registration                            • Trademark Refusal

• Trademark Transactions                           • Trademark Objection

• Trademark Renewals                                • Trademark Cancellation

• Trademark License                                   • Trademark Invalidation

• International Trademark Registration        • Famous Trademark Recognition

Hightlight and Advantages of Right & Able serivces:

Solid and professional trademark basic processing——Right & Able Law Firm is able to provide a full-service protection solusion, which we are in a prosition to offer multiple solutions for handling complicated legal cases, striving to provide clients all-round solutions. In the aspect of trademark basic business, Right & Able Law Firm maximizes to protect client’s legal rights. 

Well-known trademark guildlines and registration——In order to enlarge the protection scope for client’s IP right and constantly improve trademark intangible assets value, Right & Able Law Firm could provide legal advices for planing well-known trademark identification and trace the whole process. Right & Able have been accumulated an extensive number of practice experience based on cases screening, clearing up materials and guidance, as well as well-known trademark determination.

Key services in this area include:

Trademark strategy protection——Right & Able Law Firm could evalute and conducat an investigation on client’s registration and use based on professional trademark examination approachese, and is able to use these to assist corporation understand the trademark situation and existing leak, preventing trademark risk and providing reference. Meanwhile, we help our client monitor competitors’ trademark. R&A could offer primary analysis and planning proposal on customized service or perfecting trademark strategy, in accordance with client’s trademark actual usage and law of develop of trademark in different industries.

Trademark counseling service——Right & Able Law Firm could offer daily conseling service according to client’s requirements during the contracting periods, providing relative legal opinions and advices in trademark affairs.  Right & Able offeres accurate legal orientation for client’s trademark, and provides IP training service for client’s internal IP management persons according to different clients needs.

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