Trade Dispute

Right & Able has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration and provides our clients with support, representation and advice at every stage of the litigation and arbitration process. Our services include pre-arbitration or litigation negotiation, preparation for arbitral proceedings, advocacy at trial, and enforcement of arbitral and judicial awards. We offer clients practical and constructive dispute settlement plans and methods, with particular strength in the areas of intellectual property, labor and employment law, bank lending, real estate development, joint venture-related disputes, insurance, commercial, art and entertainment, international trade and marine commercial transportation.

Right & Able ’s litigation and arbitration group is a strong team of outstanding and experienced lawyers with a reputation for quality and effectiveness. Thepartners have more than ten years’ experience in litigation and arbitration in China. Our consultantextensive trial experience in the PRC Supreme People’s Court as well as the high and intermediate courts of dozens of provincial, county and municipal localities throughout China underpins Right &Able ’s ability to design effective litigation strategies.

Right & Able litigators and arbitrators have participated in numerous landmark cases, and maintain strong cooperative relationships with judicial and administrative authorities such as courts and procuratorates at various levels throughout China. The firm also has close relationships with lawyers and law firms throughout the world. With our extensive international and domestic judicial resources and networks, the firm is able to effectively protect its clients and further their interests.

Our representative litigation and arbitration services include:

• Representing clients in domestic and overseas civil, commercial and administrative litigation and arbitration proceedings,supervise the implementation of the dispute solution

•  Appealing judgments in litigation cases

•  Applying for the enforcement of litigation and arbitration judgments

• Participating in settlement negotiations in commercial disputes, including structuring and drafting proposals for settlement plans and agreements

• Investigating and collecting evidence, issuing lawyer’s letters, providing lawyer’s announcements and providing legal opinions

• Acting as defense counsel for clients in criminal proceedings, bail proceedings and pre-trial procedures, including preparation of defense and appeal papers

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